Active all around Europe

The EVU is a European association.

In order to become a member, to use our full range of services or to actively shape the EVU, join one of our Country Groups. If there is no Country Group in your region, you can as well start your own local Country Group.

What are the aims and objectives of the EVU?

  • improvement of the basic principles and the methodology of accident analysis
  • carrying out of projects in the area of accident research
  • improvement of the exchange of expert knowledge across Europe


What are we providing on this site?

  • extensive database containing articles written by experts, books, work sheets, programmes and excel sheets
  • library of crash tests with sophisticated search options
  • calendar of events
  • searchable directory of experts and organisations
  • links to subject-related issues
  • information on the individual EVU Country Groups


More country groups

Every country can set up its own country group. Many countries in and beyond Europe have already done so. Cross-border regional groups are in preparation.