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Dipl.-Ing. Adam Reza
Jana Pawła II 37 bud. 1A, lok. 2.5
31-864 Kraków

About us

The Polish Society of Road Accidents Court Experts is a non-governmental organisation established in 1996. The Society was initiated by a group composed of the employees of the Section for the Investigation of Road Traffic Accidents of the Institute of Forensic Research in Cracow, Poland. The activity of the Society intensified after 2006 when the number of full members increased significantly, which for a long time now has ranged between 180 and 200. The Society also includes honorary and supporting members. Pursuant to the agreement concluded on September 28, 2012, all the members of the Polish Society of Road Accidents Court Experts are members of EVU. 

The main objectives of the Society are to: 

  • provide education and support in professional qualifications upgrading to its members, 
  • facilitate the communication between expert witnesses to provide a platform for the exchange of experience and opinions in the area of traffic accident research and analysis.

The tasks of the Society include:

  • integration of traffic accident research and analysis expert witnesses, 
  • undertaking activities aimed at sustained improvement of the quality of expert opinions, 
  • dissemination of the achievements in the field of accident research and analysis,
  • inspiring and execution of research,
  • development of publications on road traffic accidents and safety.

The Society reaches its objectives by:

  • organisation of biennial symposia Road traffic accidents in the practice of expert witnesses,
  • annual Seminars for the improvement of PC-Crash handling,
  • convening a General Assembly of the Members at least once a year,
  • courses and training sessions organised on an ad hoc basis as necessary,
  • an Internet forum, which is a successful platform for the exchange of information and experience.


Our representatives

Dipl.-Ing. Adam Reza

Vice Chairman
Dr.-Ing. Jakub Zębala

Dipl.-Ing. Piotr Ciępka

Member of the Board
Dr.-Ing. Robert Janczur

Our members in Poland

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