EVU Country group Hungary

Dr. Ing. Gyula Kőfalvi Gyula Kőfalvi
Újvár u. 13.
1037 Budapest

Tel. 003614054082 / Mobile: 0036309413023


About us

EVU's Hungarian member organization, the establishment of the Hungarian Accident Research and Accident Analysis Association (MBBE) in 1995, has set the goal of raising the standard of professional work of automotive technical experts and accident analysts in line with the goals of the international organization.

To this end, it provides regular professional training, access to the results of real experiments, and participation in domestic and international conferences.

On the website of the International Organization (EVU), the presentations of the annual professional congress, the various publications of the member organizations, and the publication of the results of collision tests provide continuous and up-to-date information on the latest accident analysis and reconstruction methods.

Our representatives

Dr.Ing. Gyula Kőfalvi

Member of the Board
Dipl.Ing. Domokos Kabai
Dipl. Ing. Márton Bell

Our members in Hungary

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Dipl.-Ing. Márton Bell 2600 Vác ---
Dipl.-Ing. Sándor Boncsér 1147 Budapest ---
Dipl-Ing. József Börzsönyi 6500 Baja ---
Dipl.-Ing. Csaba Csonka 1162 Budapest ---
Dipl.-Ing. Attila Domby 1114 Budapest ---
Dipl.-Ing. Péter Erdélyi 2840 Oroszlány ---
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Melegh Gabor 1111 BudapestWebsite
Dipl.-Ing. István Harkai 6400 Kiskunhalas ---
M.Sc. Ferenc Ignacz --- ---
Dipl.-Ing. Domokos Kabai 1035 Budapest ---

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